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Lambda Calculus Challenge 1

2 minute read

Rules & Background This challenge is broken into three parts, each with growing difficulty. To complete these challenges you ARE NOT expected to re-write...

HackTM 2020: Hackdex Writeup (RE)

14 minute read

HackTM-20: Hackdex Challenge Hint: “The binary is still in development. The final version would have let you play boggle”

Uboot: CVE-2019-13103 to CVE-2019-13106

2 minute read

Background Due to the nature of finding these bugs, which was some time ago, I only have the notes of finding these bugs with Paul Emge while we were interns...

Netflix: CVE-2019-10028

6 minute read

Unleashing Mayhem on Netflix Introduction This month, while testing Mayhem on various open source projects, one open source project had some fruitful Mayhem ...