Wargame Posts

Lambda Calculus Challenge 1

2 minute read

Rules & Background This challenge is broken into three parts, each with growing difficulty. To complete these challenges you ARE NOT expected to re-write...

pwnable.kr: flag writeup

3 minute read

Similar to last problem, we are given a binary to download and exploit, but this time we don’t have any source code. The download can be found at http://pwna...

pwnable.kr: collision writeup

7 minute read

Picking up where we left on the pwnable.kr grind, we continue onto the next pwnable problem labeled ‘collision.’

pwnable.kr: bof writeup

10 minute read

This challenge is centered around two downloadable files: bof and bof. With a netcat connection of pwnable.kr on port 9000. The hint states: Nana told me tha...